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silver named the 1st CDT gateway community

Right in our backyard, Silver City has been designated the first Gateway Community of the Continental Divide Trail.

Passing about 2 miles behind Ravenswing Farm, The CDT is one of the three big trails in the US (with APT and PCT). The CDT extends south to Mexico and north to the Canadian border. True to its name, it tracks the highest points of elevation along the Rocky's and their extending ranges. Unlike its sister trails -- the Appalaichain Trail and Pacific Crest Trail, the CDT is unfinished and wild.

From RWF we catch the trail about two miles down a sandy wash in the adjacent Gila National Forest. Walking with dogs and goats, our goal is to explore the trail this fall.

Adventure is calling...

To launch the hiking season for those more adventurous than we are this Spring, there is a Trail Days & Kick Off Celebration this weekend.

Check out the US forest service for more info ;

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