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pups at elevation

peaks and puppy

We escaped the June heat to venture to southern Colorado.

The San Juan's were the perfect refuge and offered spectacular backroading and outdoor fun. In tow was our 2 month old puppy, who also welcomed the break in temperature.

Silverton, CO is a small mountain town at 10K feet. The 13K passes (seen here) are reached by backroads that crisscross the San Juans. Be sure to look them up online to ensure you're taking a route suited to your 4x4 vehicle.

The room for pets at the historic hotel in town was on the 3rd floor. Our puppy had never seen carpet before and refused to walk up a single flight of the beautiful, old and carpeted staircases leading to the rooms. By the end of the trip she was a champ at it, but for the first few days we got our workout by carrying her up 3 flights at 10K feet!

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